Staying in an Outpatient Substance Abuse Rehab in New Jersey

The amount of time someone needs to stay in an outpatient substance abuse rehab in New Jersey can vary. This is why you are better off avoiding programs that claim they are for a set periods of time. For example, those that are for 30 or 60 day rehab treatment centers in New Jersey. In reality, this may not be enough time for someone to gain all they need to significantly reduce the risk of returning to drug use. Such treatment facilities tend to rush people in and back out, but they have a high rate of failing to stay off drugs in the New Jersey.

Ideally, the drug treatment facility should allow people to stay in the program for as long as it takes, within reason. They should be showing reasonable effort and progress along the way. The rate of progress though can vary from one person to the next. Variables including mental health state, underlying reason they were using, triggers, what they were using, and the duration of drug use can all influence this.

Detoxing at a Treatment Center

The amount of time it takes for someone to complete the detox part of the drug treatment varies too. It depends on their length of use and the amount of a product in their system when they come in. The clock shouldn’t start ticking on their treatment until they are done with this phase and then recovery from addiction can then begin. Nothing can be done here but helping them to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and keeping them comfortable.

Mindset at a Substance Abuse Rehab

A positive mindset can go a long way towards helping someone to do well in an outpatient substance abuse rehab in New Jersey. If they are in the program on their own free will, they may really want to see improvements. They will work harder than someone who was mandated by the courts into a drug treatment facility or that felt pressured into it by others.

Roadblocks to Addiction Recovery

A patient may be doing well with their drug treatment and then they hit a roadblock that causes them to become stagnant for a period of time. This could be triggers about why they use drugs. There can be a great deal of exploring and healing that has to be done before they can move forward again. Some may be fearful about opening up in counseling while others freely share information at a rehab facility in New Jersey.

Customized Treatment Plans

You can’t use a cookie cutter approach when it comes to drug rehab treatment programs. While there can be some common elements, an addiction treatment plan should be customized for every single patient. This allows their needs to be taken into consideration. Notes should be placed in the file to document their progress and any concerns the staff may have. This information can help to modify the rehab plan if necessary.

Spending more time in a drug rehab program when it is warranted is worth it. This investment of time can completely change someone’s life around when they are deemed ready to go back into the world. Rushing them through a program can result in them going back to old habits and ending up in rehab again in the future.